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As part of the exaas network, you will receive suitable orders from industrial companies from all over the world.

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Our Claim: Quality & Reliability

We guarantee our customers the highest quality and expect the same from the experts that we refer to them.
A professional and reliable fulfilment of the offered expert services is the basis for our cooperation with experts.

The procedure

Initial conversation

After your registration we will contact you and discuss the next steps with you.

Data submission
You send us your resume and references so that we can create a complete expert profile.
We check your details and classify your range of services in our database.

You will be listed in the database and we continuously check whether you can be deployed in one of our customer projects.

Your Benefits

  • A new, digital distribution channel for your services
  • A better utilization through possible online consulting
  • Industry standard hourly and daily rates
  • Access to industrial software due to exaas licensing agreements
  • No administrative effort – we take care of the billing

Give your team access to unlimited knowledge

With exaas, your employees can answer difficult questions quickly and reliably with the help of external experts

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