Your benefits as an expert on exaas​

We’re building exaas to deliver your expertise where and when it is needed. You as an expert play the most important role in this. This is why we are providing you with everything you need to make your working life easier.

A new, digital distribution channel for your services

Our goal is to free you from most of the sales work so that you can focus on delivering your expertise to your customers. With exaas you will be visible to major industrial companies from all over the world. Additionally you will have a detailed profile that can be found via search engines and that you can easily send to your prospective customers. 

Hassle-free consulting

Our job is to make it as easy as possible for you to consult your customers. Getting you in touch with them is only the beginning. We provide you with the technical infrastructure to seamlessly collaborate with your customers, we give you access to industrial software when you need it and we take care of billing and other administrative topics.

Focus on quality, not price

We at exaas deliver the best quality expertise to our customers and we want you as an expert to feel that your experience is being valued. That’s why we are not putting a price tag on your profile but we display only your expertise. After customers got in touch with you, you can send them a quotation with only a few clicks in the app. 

More efficiency with new ways to consult

We think that a lot of technical topics could be handled more efficiently by making use of modern technology. That’s why we promote calls and screen-sharing sessions to enable you to provide value more often and spend less time in the car.

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