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Casting expert

Independent consultant
Expert for gravity casting and die casting. Special knowledge in international sourcing of casting parts.


Sourcing supportProcess optimizationDesign reviewsProcess selection

Industry Experience

Energy sector


Siemens, Power and Gas Division
Development and realization of strategy on supply chain of steel and iron castings.

Albert Handtmann Metallgusswerk
Development and improvement of lost foam casting process. Product quality improvements. Failure analysis of castings.

Alstom, Turbomachines Group
Development and realization of sourcing strategy on cast parts. Ramp-up of production at Alstom Iron Foundry. Cost reduction and re-design of castings.

Glass manufacturing expert

Employed in an Engineering office
Expert spezialized in glas manufacturing. From container glass, architectural glas all the way up to float glass for the automotive industry


Feasibility studyCost calculation Process DesignTechnology Check

Industry Experience

Building Services Engineering
Industrial Technology
Life Sciences


Market study
For the manufacturing of float and container glass for an investor in Qatar

Price calculations and market study
Price and cost calculations for float glass manufacturers for the feasibility to build a factory in USA and UAE

Expert for Tool and Component Repair

Employed in a Technical Service Provider
Expert in surface design and laser welding. Special expertise in the areas of laser texturing and repair of casting tools.


Tool repair consultingPart repair consultingLaser Welding

Industry Experience

Industrial Technology
Rail Vehicles


Casting tool repair
Controlling treatment, polishing and repair of around 15 tools from various processes per day

Component repair
Controlling repair of more than 300,000 finished cast parts every year without the need for any new mechanical processing
+1 references

Welding expert

Independent consultant
Experienced consultant for all welding-related topics.


Cost calculationWelding WorkshopsDesign-for-WeldingProcess selection

Industry Experience

Plant Engineering
Industrial Engineering


Cost calculation of welding assemblies
Calculation of numerous welding assemblies for various customers

Welding expert in mid-sized industrial company
Part-time employment in a mid-sized plant engineering company

Various industrial projects
Over 40 projects that were successfully carried out in industrial companies

Academic workshops
Over 70 welding workshops held in technical colleges

Product Development & Costing Expert

Employed in an Engineering office
Highly experienced expert for product development and cost evaluation from design phase all the way to series production.


Cost calculation Product developmentDesign optimization

Industry Experience

Household Technology
Medical Technology


Cost analysis of electric motors
Several detailed cost analyses of electric motors in the automotive industry (AC and DC)

Mechanical system design
Development of a complete high-precision mechanical system for the administration and dosing of pharmaceutical products
+8 references

Gearbox expert

Independent consultant
Gearbox and drivetrain expert with over 20 years of experience in the field.


Design consultingTesting and simulationDesign review

Industry Experience

Industrial engineering


Pre-development of new chassis for sports cars. Development of effective and efficient processes for mechanical design and XiL-testing.

Development and testing of powertrains of motorbikes. Service optimization.

Development of mechanical parts for turbines and stationary gearboxes.

Expert for coating and surface treatment

Independent consultant
Comprehensive industry knowledge in the field of plastic and metal coating of automotive and commercial vehicle components for exterior and interior, coupled with the corresponding technical know-how.


Analysis of painting processes for wet and powder paintsSelection of the optimal coating processPlant planning and assessmentTraining in chemical-physical fundamentals in painting

Industry Experience

Utility vehicles


Engineering of painting lines
Onsite detail engineering for PT/ED lines in China, South Africa and USA together with chemical and paint suppliers

Realisation of paint shop service models
Ramp up services and implementation of maintenance and operator models in different European countries and Russia

Coating process optimization
Implementation of coating process analysis and continuous improvement activities in paint shops in China and different European countries
+4 references

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